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What Do You Wear To Go Axe Throwing?

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You’ve decided to go axe throwing, you’ve found the perfect place to go (Phat Axe of course!), you’ve set up your appointment, now all that’s left to do is decide what to wear! What do you wear to go axe throwing? Below we’ll give you some tips and tricks so you can have the best axe throwing experience ever. 

1. Comfortable Shirt 

First off, you’ll want to wear a comfortable shirt! Axe throwing technique requires that you lift both hands over your head. You’ll want to wear a shirt that’s either loose or stretchy so you can really throw that axe with power and impress all your fellow axe throwers. You wouldn’t want to split a seam mid-throw and risk that perfect shot! 

2. Any Pants 

As far as pants go, it doesn’t really matter what you wear. You can wear pants, you can wear shorts, just make sure they are comfortable! You’ll want to be sure you can get your full range of motion.

3. Closed Toe Shoes 

The type of shoes you wear may make or break your axe throwing experience. You’ll want to be sure that you wear closed-toe shoes. This is to protect you from accidents. You want any cut-off toes or splinters spraying off the target into your feet. While you can wear your mountain-man boots, it’s not required. You can wear a variety of shoes: sneakers, flats, casual. Ladies won’t want to wear heels, however, as this may affect your axe-throwing technique. Basically, you want to wear something comfortable because wearing comfortable shoes means you’ll be able to focus all your energy on getting that axe right in the center of the target. 

4. Tie Your Hair Back and Take Off Your Hat

As we mentioned before, the best axe-throwing technique is lifting your hands above your head and then thrusting the axe forward at full speed so you get the bulls-eye you’ve been dreaming of. Because of this, you may want to tie your hair back or take off your hat. It would be kind of awkward to have your hair get tangled up in a giant metal blade or have your hat going flying towards the target along with the axe. Pull your hair back, take your hat off, and get ready to roll. 


Why Axe Throwing is a Great Date Activity 

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Coming up with date ideas is just plain hard! You’ve got to find something that’s fun and exciting but also chill and not too intense. You need something that allows talking but not too much talking. You don’t want to look dumb and you don’t want your date to feel dumb either. Luckily Axe Throwing is a perfect date activity. Here’s why: 

1. It’s Finally Something Different and Exciting 

Dating should be fun above all else! But it’s so hard to find new and fun activities. Everyone’s been bowling or to dinner and a movie a thousand times. No one wants to be basic. Luckily axe throwing completely solves that problem. It’s something new AND different. How many times have you heard people say, “oh you know, on my 20th axe throwing date last week…” The truth is you just don’t! Axe throwing is something unique and new! And did we mention it’s exciting? I mean it’s pretty hard to throw giant metal tools at a target and have it not be exciting. Your date is going to think they’re on the best date ever. 

2. You Can Actually Get to Know Each Other 

Dating is all about getting to know each other. You need that balance of being able to talk but also of having something to do in case you run out of things to talk about. Axe throwing is perfect for this. You can have some nice time chatting and then as soon as the conversation starts to lag… oh look it’s your turn! And when it comes to axes there’s really no shortage of topics. Who invented axe throwing? How fast can you throw your axe? Did you see that awesome shot the guy on the left made? 

3. You Can Impress Your Date 

Let’s be honest, if you’re on a date you want to look good. There’s no way to go around it. Going on a date = looking to impress. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to show your date just how cool you are while throwing axes. You can casually shrug your shoulders and say, “oh yeah, I’m super strong. I can chuck humongous axes at this target. I’m pretty unique.” Your date is going to be blown away by how cool you are.  

4. It’s Ok If You’re Both Horrible 

The worst date ever is when you’re really bad at whatever date activity you’re doing. You feel uncomfortable and embarrassed and it’s more than a little awkward. Luckily this is not a problem that happens when you’re throwing axes. Axe throwing is something new and there’s not a ton of people who list it under one of their top carefully polished hobbies. If you’re bad at it and your date is bad, it’s ok! You can laugh it off and say, “who’s great at throwing axes anyway?” Or maybe you’ll both be terrific at axe throwing. That would be cool too. 

5. You’ll Have a Great Story to Tell

At the very least, even if your axe throwing date isn’t the best date of your life you’ll have a great story to tell. It’s one thing to have a bad date story and it’s another thing to have a bad date story where you were throwing axes. You can tell all your friends about how you went on an axe-throwing date and they’ll know how fun and unique you are. 

Beginners guide to axe throwing

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Axe throwing can seem a little intimidating at first. We have listed the 5 questions we hear most often for first-timers and hopefully, we can show you how fun axe throwing can really be! Axe throwing has become very popular in the United States, and Phat Axe is one of the best places for axe throwing. 

What is axe throwing?

Well, it’s basically what it sounds like… throwing axes. Axe throwing is similar to throwing darts at a round target but with axes. 

Is Axe Throwing safe?

Yes! Using the proper throwing technique will ensure a safe and fun experience. We make sure our staff here at Phat Axe is able to help and that we keep a safe and controlled environment at all times. 

What do you need to wear?

Closed-toed shoes and anything that you are comfortable in! You will be moving around a little bit so wear something that will allow for movement, especially in your arms. 

How do you play the game?

Each person in your group will take turns throwing their axe at the target. Based on where the axe lands, you will get points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins! The target is a circle with points ranging from 5 (bullseye) to 1 in the outer circle. There are other game variations you can play as well while axe throwing.

How much do the axes weigh?

The axes used for axe throwing are fairly light and weigh about 2 pounds. 

Now that you know the basics of what axe throwing is all about, come check us out! We know you will have a great time. Axe throwing is a great birthday party idea, first date, or guys/girls night out!


Lumberjack History

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The term lumberjack was first coined in 1831 in a complaintive letter to the Cobourg Star in Northern Canada. The term lumberjack was used to describe people in the 19th and early 20th centuries who worked in the lumber industry. When the timber industry exploded in Canada in the early 1800s, there was a great need for the work of many loggers who would spend their falls and winters working in the forest of Canada and the United States. 


Work was hard and dangerous. There was always the danger of timber falling on oneself. Weather could be unpredictable and create dangerous conditions. All timber had to be manually transported out of the area by oxen, river or eventually train which led to constant accidents at the time. Trees could often weigh up to 5 tons, making them heavy and hard to cart out to areas.  All tree cutting had to be done with hand saws and axes. In order to keep up with the rigors of work, lumberjacks would often have to consume up to 7,000 calories of food every day. Lumberjacks would often work from dawn to dusk six days a week. To maximize productivity, meal breaks were only ten to fifteen minutes long and talking was often not allowed. 


Logging was always done in the fall and winter when colder conditions made it easier to drag and transport fell wood to frozen streams and rivers. Spring often made roads and trails too muddy to transport timber.  This changed as modern techniques for cutting and transporting wood made logging a year-long venture, but weather conditions always made it a hard and dangerous task. 


Before the advent of steam power, and even after it was implemented, loggers would often travel their logs downriver. The work often started with oxen and horses transporting freshly felled wood to rivers which were then carried downstream to sawmills where wood was cut and processed into workable wood. Eventually, flumes were used to transport logs to local rivers where it would be carried in mass to a sawmill,  Workers would have to walk along floating wood to clear jams that often occurred when floating wood down streams.


Lumberjacks would live in tents or bunkhouses in shantytowns with other workers. Conditions in these towns were often very dirty. People often complained while visiting these towns of the smell of smoke and sweat that enveloped the tents that lumberjacks lived in. Bed bugs were always an issue as well as sanitary conditions were poor and proper hygiene was not a concern. 


Though hard, this work proved to be the bedrock of the Eastern Canadian economy. Eventually, timber from these regions would be traded with The United States and the British empire. With this increased need for fresh lumber, there was always well-paying work available for Canadians. Eventually half of all Canadian workers would be lumber workers at the peak of the timber boom. 


The work of lumberjacks changed a lot during the 1940s. The work increasingly became more mechanized. Chainsaws replaced the use of axes and handsaws. This trend towards mechanization has continued to today where many loggers use mechanized tractors to trim down trees for easier and more efficient work. Work could be down all year long and even all night with the mechanization of the work.


There are still many aspects of the old logging culture that survives today. There are many lumberjack sports that still carry the traditions of using axes, hand saws to show off the physical prowess that lumberjacks were always known for.